Five Reasons Why Many Good Christians Perform Poorly In Exams (SSCE)

For every shocking problem, there is an electrifying causative agent. Listen to me even as I speak to you as a christian brother/sister… Be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a Dove.

Before I begin explanations on the reasons why good christians fail waec and neco, here are two scriptures you should quickly meditate on:

A. Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth -2 Timothy 2:15 KJV

B. James 2:14-26 NKJV – Faith Without Works Is Dead

The two scriptures above speak of the effectiveness of work in the life of Christians. The fact that you are a christian doesn’t exempt you from joining the competition.

Are you very interested in the reasons why you may not do well in exams as a christian? See the top reasons why many christians fail waec/neco below…….

1. They Fail To Strike Balance:

So many christians fail to strike balance between church and academics. They go to church when it is time to read while they read when it is time to go to church. Don’t be so carried away by religious activities to the extent that your academic suffers.

The bible clearly stated that there is time for everything. A time to read and a time for church. There are times and seasons for everything that happens under the sun. Redeem the time because tomorrow might be too late.

Time is one of the greatest asset that God has given to us as humans. What you do with time is what life would do to you. Time is not a handset but an asset. Plan your time very well so that you don’t end up in regrets.

Remember, killing time is not murder but suicide…..

2. Believing In Grace At The Expense Of Work:

His grace is sufficient for me to pass my exams….. This is the language of so many believers. We believe that God will do everything for us. However, this is not the original plan of God for us. God supports work and hates slothfulness.

Just like faith, work is very real. The bible made us to understand that faith without work is dead. The only way to prove to me that you have faith in gaining 2018 admission is when you put effort to prepare for your Waec and Neco.

Your own is to read and do your best. The holyghost then brings to your remembrance what you have read and perfects it. God also removes every obstacle beyond your control.

A student that doesn’t work, deserves to fail

3. Leaving The Rest For God When You Have Not Done Anything:

Many good christians study for 30 minutes and they say, “I leave the rest for God jor….” This is a lazy confession. You should leave the rest for God when you have already played your role. God is not your mate. Don’t joke with him or use his name in vain.

4. Expecting Ministration In The Exam Hall:

So many good christians are motivated by the words of their pastors in the alter…. Many pastors speak on the altar that they hear voices giving them answers in the examination hall.

Now, you are also expecting voices to minister answers to you….. I hope you holy pass Elijah sha? Most time, the voice you will hear is that of the invigilator.

5. Not Reading Enough:

Many good christians love to read motivational books. I am not against this… However, when it comes to your examination, your choice of books should change.

You don’t need motivational books to read for Physics or Maths; you need physics text books to read for physics and maths text to prepare for maths. Go for the books that will help you do well in your examinations.

Let me speak directly to you, 3 hours of daily reading is not enough for you to clear all your papers in Waec and neco. You need to step up your game. See how to read for long hours here

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