How To Score High In JAMB UTME 2019/2020 | 6 Easy Methods TO Score 300+

Today, you and I will quickly take a look at the topic “How To Score High In JAMB UTME 2019/2020 | 6 Easy Methods TO Score 300+”.

This has become very necessary as a result of the very many questions JAMB aspirants have been asking us in recent times concerning thow to score very high in the JAMB UTME.

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Nonetheless, you shall get all of that information right here.


The JAMB UTME is Unified Tertairy Matriculation Examination.

Who Writes This Exam?

The exam is usually written by students attempting to gain admission into tertiary institutions and most especally secondary school learners.

Subject Structure

In UTME, you write just 4 subjects depending on the course you want to study.

The only similar subject for all courses is English language.

For example, Someone who puts in for mechanical engineering will do the following 4 subjects.

  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

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A lot of students see this as one of the greatest hurdle to gaining entrance into the university.

I don’t have much to say about that thou except this;

If you are failing to plan/prepare, you are planning/preparing to fail. Cool right?

Therefore, you and I will quickly head to the easy ways to score high in JAMB 2018.

How To Score High In JAMB UTME 2019/2020

Know Your Subject Combination

Several students want to study a course and that’s the most they know about the course, Just the name.

They don’t find out what the course is about (How vast, how challenging, ways to make it and the subject combinations for the course).

If you want to score high in JAMB UTME 2019/2020, you got to know all your subject combination.

Purchase your JAMB 2019 registration form with the right subject combinations in mind.

This will make you focus and correspondingly make you score high in JAMB UTME 2019/2020.

Past Questions

The usefulness of Past questions cannot be over-emphasized.

To aid your preparation, get all the past questions especially the most recent ones and jack them thoroughly.

WARNING:- Past Questions in UTME majorly gives you insights on how JAMB sets their questions. Although, they repeat past questions and can be regarded as a short cut, but this is not advisable. You have to study to show thyself approved.

JAMB Syllabus

Study side by side with your JAMB syllabus.

Make sure you have in your possession the most recent JAMB syllabus to serve as a guide in studying.

The truth of the matter is that some students study astray but with the syllabus everything becomes easy.

It is also time saving.

Avoid Every Form OF emotional Entanglement

Trust me, this is not the right time to start thinking about one girl.

This is a time to be focused.

Suspend every form of relationship for the period and press play after you have achieved your aim if you still want to.

Work On Your Speed

UTME tests students ability as well as response time.

You discover quickly that a question is meant to be answered in a minute.

This clearly shows that JAMB cannot set questions that will take all of your time.

There must be something each question is hinged on and once you find it, “EUREKA”.

Another tip that will help is that you can use past questions and time yourself when answering them.

Do this as many times as possible and all you see will be joy as you will score high in JAMB UTME 2019/2020. Website

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Thanks for reading.

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